tungsten sintering furnace Argentina

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  • Sintering Furnace, Sinter HIP Furnace, Pressure Furnace by AVSInc

    AVS leads the way in standard and custom engineered vacuum/pressure furnace systems throughout the world. Our Sinter HIP furnaces, used in the debinding, sintering and densification of tungsten carbide, continue to provide our customers with long term value, saving time and handling by allowing a combination of

  • General Furnaces - Sintering Furnace & Debinding Oven for Metal

    Explore an Elnik MIM 3000 furnace. Take a virtual tour of Elnik Heating. Need a MIM consultant? Check out DSH Technologies. Take a virtual tour of Elnik Heating · Useful Links. Want to learn more? Visit these other sites! Take a virtual tour of Elnik Heating. Home; |; About Us; |; Products; |; DSH Technologies; |; Brochures

  • Annealing and sintering boats | Plansee

    Because we only supply top-quality sintering and annealing boats. With our molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, tungsten and a wide range of alloys, we have the right material for your high-temperature process. We use these materials to manufacture sintering and annealing boats for continuous and batch furnaces. Sheet for

  • Pressed crucibles | Plansee

    During sapphire production, the compound that is to become the future single crystal is melted in molybdenum and tungsten crucibles. MIM furnaces, sintering furnaces, HIP processes or for growing single crystals: Whenever things get hot, we're here for you with our molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum and niobium. Find out

  • Manufacturing tungsten | Wolfmet

    This reduces the amount of material to be machined off after sintering, minimising material usage, costs and machining time; Sintering – Formed parts are sintered in a furnace which converts the pressed powder into the solid composite metal alloy. Parts shrink by around 15% but no mass is lost, which increases the density

  • Sintering Furnace Selection Considerations - CM Furnaces Inc

    May 20, 2016 High-temperature sintering furnaces are utilized in powder metallurgy for sintering stainless steel and, in some cases, iron-based materials. They are exclusively used in refractory-metal fabrication of molybdenum, tungsten and rhenium. High-temperature sintering furnaces are also utilized in the

  • Tungsten Heavy Alloy and Tungsten Carbide by Federal Carbide

    The facility will primarily house advanced pressing, ISO-pressing, and sinter-HIPing equipment that comprise a series of short lead time manufacturing cells. August 2008 - Federal Carbide completes the installation of the most advanced sinter-HIP furnace in the world for the sintering of cemented tungsten carbide products.

  • metallic cobalt particles (with or without tungsten carbide) - IARC

    Cobalt-metal and tungsten carbide powders are produced widely in high purity for use in the hard-metal industry, methods are primarily flame and graphite-furnace atomic absorption spectrometry (F-. AAS, and GF-AAS, .. pressure is applied at the sintering temperature when the metallic binder is still molten, resulting in

  • Metallic Cobalt Particles (with or without Tungsten Carbide) - Cobalt

    Available information indicates that tungsten carbide is manufactured by five companies in the USA, four companies in Japan, three companies in Germany and two companies each in Brazil and France. Argentina, Austria, Canada, India, Israel, Portugal and the Republic of Korea each have one manufacturing company

  • Molybdenum and Tungsten Hot Zone for LED Sapphire Crystal

    Hot zones in sapphire growing furnaces use H.C. Starck's molybdenum and tungsten fabricated products for furnace components and fixtures.

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