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  • 2014 Exhibitors — E-Scrap 2018 - E-Scrap Conference

    The company was established in 2001 to provide services for integrated chips recovery and LCD repair through consignment with various vendors and OEMs. In 2003, Alpha . Colt Recycling, the e-scrap processing division of Colt Refining, Inc., is the largest processor of scrap electronics in the Northeast. Colt offers

  • Southwire Copper Rod Systems

    Frequent system startups for new customers ensure that start-ups are well planned and minimize the required field services. Smooth startups get the customer's equipment into production quickly to meet market demand. Fifty percent (50%) of all copper rod made in the world is produced with Southwire SCR technology.

  • Scrap Wire and Cable Corporation

    Drop off Location's; Pick Up Service's; Interior Demo / Tear Out's; Training and Support; Hedging Support. Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries. ?What Clients Say About Us. more. Scrapwire and Cable, knows that scrap is a very complex item that requires different ways of handling and packaging. We offer several

  • Environmental, Health and Safety Issues in the Coated Wire and

    This report does not address the copper wire or fiber optics components of wire and cable products – which can have significant home center and hardware retail chains, electrical distributors and to industrial customers and. OEMs. ? Telephone and telegraph wire – 18% of U.S. insulated wire and cable shipments. Twisted.

  • Seeing red - Recycling Today

    May 28, 2014 When identifying copper scrap, however, visual identification and magnet tests usually are sufficient (be sure to check all red metals with a magnet), but using a handheld analyzer is always a good way 1 copper consists of clean, untinned, uncoated, unalloyed copper wire and cable, not smaller than No.

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