PID Controled vacuum tube furnace

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  • Understanding PID Temperature Control | Vacuum Furnace

    Download - Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) control is the most common control type algorithm used and accepted in the furnace industry.

  • 1600°C Vacuum* and Atmosphere Tube Furnace ( 4" OD ) with

    GSL-1600X-100 is a CE Certified bench-top tube furnace with 1800 grade MoSi2 heating elements. It is widely used in material & chemical researching labs to sinter all types of new material samples under vacuum and other gas conditions. The temperature of GSL-1600X-100 tubing furnace is controlled by a 30 segment?

  • PID furnace controller 301 - CARBOLITE GERO

    The PID furnace controller 301 is the perfect supplement to your laboratory furnace. Learn more about our products here!

  • 1400℃ high vacuum cvd tube furnace-Kejia Furnace

    Jul 26, 2017 1400 CVD tube furnace consists of vacuum tube furnace + system + gas supply system, the highest temperature can reach 1200 degrees, can be a single temperature zone, dual zone, three zone, the ultimate vacuum can reach 10-3Pa, the gas supply system is flow control can be proton flow meter or float?

  • Across International STF 1200°C Controlled Atmosphere Split Tube

    Split furnace chamber for fast and easy tube access. Standard package includes set of stainless steel vacuum sealing flanges with valves and pressure meter. Microprocessor based self-tuning PID control provides optimum thermal process with minimal overshoot. Multiple atmosphere processes in a single cycle are?

  • 1800°C Compact Vacuum* and Atmosphere Tube Furnace (60mm

    1800°C Compact Vacuum & Atmosphere Tube Furnace (60mm OD) with Kanthal Heating Elements - GSL-1800X-KS60-UL Proportional–integral–derivative control (PID control) and auto-tune function; 30 segments programmed with ramping, cooling and dwelling steps; Built-in over-temperature alarm and thermocouple?

  • Mini CVD Tube Furnace with 2 Channel Gas Mixer, Vacuum Pump

    OTF-1200X-S50-2F Mini CVD tube furnace is a CE Certified split tube furnace for heating samples up to 1200°C. A KF25 Gas Outlet and a Digital Vacuum Gauge The precision temperature controller will provide 30 segments heating and cooling steps with +/- 1 °C accuracy. PID automatic control and auto-tune function.

  • 1700oC Vacuum* and Atmosphere Tube Furnace 80 mm with

    1700oC Vacuum* and Atmosphere Tube Furnace with complete accessory - GSL-1700X Series TUV Certified. PID automatic control via SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) power control with phase angle fired, current limiting resistor. 30 programmable segments for precise control of heating rate, cooling rate and dwell?

  • Five Zones Split Tube Furnace with 80mm O.D. Quartz Tube

    The furnace includes one 80 mm O.D x 1400mm L fused quartz tube, one pair of vacuum sealing flanges with pressure gauge & ball valve for immediate use. Five 30 segments temperature controllers are installed with the K-type thermal couple. Microprocessor-based self-tuning PID control provides excellent control without?

  • Temperature controller (PID) for furnaces & ovens – CARBOLITE

    Each temperature controller by Carbolite Gero allows the precise measurement of temperature and control of the furnace or oven. Wide range available.

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