Mid Frequency Natural Gas Aluminum Melting furnaces With IGBT Inventor

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  • Melting and Holding Furnaces | Home - Nabertherm Industrial

    Gas-fired furnaces are ideal for melting, particularly if equipped with exhaust gas discharge over the crucible edge. . 746, Part 2; Designed for natural gas or liquid natural gas with 8.8 kWh/m 3 - 25.9 kWh/m 3; Required gas input pressure: 50 mbar; Operation with other fuels and/or with another gas input pressure possible

  • IHL25K 25KW Low-Frequency Induction Melting Furnace 1-20KHz

    Across International's IHL series 1 kHz to 20 kHz low frequency induction heaters are good for a wide range of applications including deep heat penetration for full hardening processes, steel rod forging, tempering of pressing dies, pre-heating for welding, and melting of metal batches over 4 lbs. They are not limited to

  • gas-fired vs. electric resistance melting of aluminum alloys - Rayteq

    Melting Comparison Studies – One particular UC Berkeley study compared melting in a gas-fired crucible furnace with an electric resistance crucible furnace. Primary A356 aluminum alloy was melted in silicon carbide crucibles in both furnaces, brought to the same pouring temperature, degassed with ultra dry nitrogen

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