JZP2H type Roots and piston Vacuum system

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  • CVS Centre Vacuum System|Vacuum unit - Vacuum Pump - EVP

    Construction: CVS series Vacuum system adopt SV single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump as host machine, and it is equipment integration equipped with a.

  • JZJ2B Roots-Liquid Ring Pump System|Vacuum unit - Vacuum

    Introduction:JZJ2B series Roots-Liquid Ring Pump System is a vacuum pumping system containing a roots pump as its main pump, and a 2BV types of liquid.

  • Vacuum unit - Vacuum Pump - EVP Vacuum Solution!

    EVP Vacuum Solution Provides all kinds of vacuum systems,like roots and liquid ring vacuum systems JZPS series,roots and piston vacuum systems JZP2H series,roots and rotary vane vacuum systems,CVS Centre Vacuum Systems,etc.it is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical industry, vacuum distillation, material

  • Root pump vacuum systems with rotary piston pumps - Solutions

    JZP2H type Roots-Rotary piston vacuum system consists of the main pump i.e. ZJP type Roots vacuum pump and backing pump i.e. rotary piston vacuum pump. It has not only the generally vacuum feature,also has some advantages as follows, saving energy,high ultimate vacuum with high pumping speed and creditable

  • Roots vacuum pumps - Pfeiffer Vacuum

    The rotating Roots pistons are relatively difficult to cool compared to the housing, as they are practically vacuum-insulated. Consequently, they expand more than the housing. To prevent contact or seizure, the maximum possible pressure differential, and so also the dissipated energy, is limited by an overflow valve (7).

  • Kinney Vacuum Pumps - Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems

    Booster and Piston Vacuum Systems Screw-type dry vacuum pump designed to handle process by-products: liquids, condensate and even small particles. Single-stage and two-stage systems used in chemical and pharmaceutical processing, food processing, and other applications. Rotary Piston - KC. Two-stage

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