Intelligent Control Automatic Fridge Glass Toughening Furnace

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    LandGlass is committed to providing its customers the finest innovative technology and world leading glass tempering equipment that allows companies to . tempering furnace, i.e. CycloneTM series, which achieved significant improvement in terms of product quality, productivity, energy saving, intelligent control, and

  • LD-A SuperAir Flat Glass Tempering Furnace - LandGlass

    The LD-A Flat Glass Tempering Furnace is configured with electrical and mechanical parts from famous European brands and equipped with the LandGlass core process control software inside. This type of machine was greatly welcomed after being launched to the market and there are hundreds of customers from all over

  • Continuous Glass Tempering Furnace - LandGlass

    Oct 3, 2014 Under the program control, the glass is automatically transferred to the heating furnace in sequence and heated to the tempering temperature. They are formed and tempered while leaving the heating furnace through the high-pressure bending tempering section. The formed glass is completely tempered

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    J Shape Bending Glass Tempering Furnace for refrigerator glass, freezer glass · Double Curvature Glass Tempering Furnace / Glass Tempering machine for Automotive rear glass · LV-TB-L Series Bending Glass Tempering Furnace for Automotive Sidelites glass · Automotive Rear Glass Tempering Furnace / double

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