What a summer I had.

Not everyone has the joy of having their dreams come true, and I am no exception.

My wish had always been to become an actor when I grew up.

After being turned down for several auditions, I soon realized that I was not meant to be an actor. Frankly, even I thought my acting was sucky. I was still a bit bummed, but I was soon able to land a job in a motion picture studio. I wasn’t doing anything exceptional. I was only delivering coffee and sandwiches, but I thought I was finally doing what I was supposed to do. I love being in the studio. The air conditioning was amazing. I often wondered how they could control the weather conditions while inside, and I was finding out. I was in the studio when they had some actors rock climbing. It was snowing and the actors had winter coats on while hanging onto the iced rocks. I asked how they were able to get it so cold in the studio. They told me they had a special air conditioning unit that helped with the refrigeration. I couldn’t believe they were able to get it so cold with an air conditioning unit. I was asked to go out and get something for the director, so I took off my jacket. It was so hot outside that I wished I were back inside, or at least had shorts on. It made me wonder how air conditioning could be so cold in some spots and yet just right in others. Then I wondered why I chose to walk instead of taking the car, which had air conditioning.

Heating technology