The cruise made me want my own Smart Thermostat.

My wife and I went on a ten day cruise that ended up being more than a month long.

I had no idea that they were going to have a pandemic while I was on that ship. Less than a week after I got on board, I felt sick. I didn’t know anything about the coronavirus until they told me that was what I had. I was now confined to my cabin. The only good thing about the quarantining was that my wife and I had an excellent HVAC system in our suite. It had climate control, which kept the temperature steady, regardless of what the temperature or weather was outside. When I became really sick, the air conditioning worked really well when my fever was spiking. There were times when I was so hot that I couldn’t breathe. Then I would get the shivers. The worst part was that I was having a difficult time breathing. The cool, fresh air of the air purifier in the HvAC, helped me a lot. The only thing the ship had on board was a lot of Vitamin C. That is what they were pushing at everyone. When I was finally getting better, I found out that several people hadn’t survived the virus like I had. We were being kept quarantined for an additional two weeks, after I was over the virus. They wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to infect anyone else. I did come to one conclusion while trapped on that ship. As soon as I got home, I was going to have a Smart Thermostat installed in my home.

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