My ex-boyfriend is a lunatic

It took me quite some time to finally be able to ditch my ex-boyfriend.

I tried several times to tell him that I wasn’t happy and never had been.

I wanted to be able to find someone who loved and respected me and didn’t treat me like his possession. I had been out of the relationship for almost two months, when I met a really nice guy. It wasn’t until I needed someone to do the maintenance on my air conditioning that I found out he was an HVAC technician. I called the HVAC company and he was the one who showed up. We had been flirting for a week and I was shocked to see him. I was the last job for him that night. When he was done, we ended up sitting and chatting for several hours. After that we became a couple. I was devastated when I found out my ex had heard about him and he was calling the HVAC company where he worked. He was complaining that he hadn’t done a good job on his air conditioning unit. He told the owner of the HVAC company that my new boyfriend had overcharged him for a job that he didn’t do. I’m glad the owner didn’t take him seriously. It wasn’t until he showed up at my house one evening. He was trying to steal the HVAC equipment that my boyfriend had in his truck. I had to call the police and have him arrested. I never realized how crazy he was until I began dating an HVAC technician. Maybe he realized what he had thrown away.

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