I’m not a ghost whisperer, I’m just kind to my guests.

I love being a housekeeper and I have been doing it for almost fifteen years.

I love the hotel I work in, even though some people say it is haunted.

It’s funny because a lot of people I know thought ghosts aren’t real until they saw the chairs moving. Nobody was pushing the chairs, and they wondered what was going on. When it dawned on them, a couple of people almost bailed. I was amused, but the worst part of our quiet guests is that they like to play with the thermostats. I have had a lot of problems with them changing the thermostats while I am in the room. At first, I wasn’t sure if they were trying to tell me they were there, or trying to chase out the paying guests. I politely asked them to please leave the thermostat alone. I know that this was their home for much longer than it has been ours, but they need to be polite. Our paying guests aren’t there to harass them, so why are they harassing the paying guests and messing with the heating or air conditioning? Some of the other housekeepers are a bit worried about the ghosts. They are always coming to me to ask how to deal with the situation. I tell them to ask them to behave and be nice to the guests, but they feel odd doing that. The ghosts are a bit precocious and they tend to play their tricks on those that are a bit afraid of them. That’s when the chairs get moved, instead of just the thermostat being changed.


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