I wish my air purifier was UV

I have never been one who went out very much, other than to go to work. When I found out that everyone was going to have to stay in place, I thought I would be okay. I didn’t realize that meant I couldn’t go out to work or to a restaurant. Luckily, my favorite pizza place was open for take out only. They were also offering hands free delivery. They took the pizza from the oven with the paddle, plopped it into the box and put it in the delivery bag. I had to pay for the pizza when I ordered. They took my credit card or debit card right over the phone. So for the last month, I have been doing nothing more than sitting at home with the air conditioning on high and noshing out on pizza. I don’t like that I am unemployed, but I know that my air conditioning is going to last me for quite some time now. I had the smart’s to think about having the air conditioning unit maintained before all of this happened. I only wish I had thought to have the UV air purifier installed before the pandemic began. I have an air purifier that uses HEPA air filters, but they aren’t as efficient at removing bacteria and virus germs from the air. If I had known we would be in the middle of a pandemic right now, I would have had it done quite a while ago. I think I’ll have the UV air purifier installed as soon as things get back to normal.

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