I told him I wanted central HVAC

When I made a change in my life, I also had to get a new home.

I thought I should be able to get a cheap home, but I was soon finding that wasn’t always the way to go.

I had been living in the north for quite some time. I couldn’t handle the cold winters. It didn’t matter how well I took care of my furnace, it just didn’t keep my home warm. I had to have a fireplace, which meant that I was always going outside in the frigid cold, to bring in wood. When I found a way to get out of that area, I took it. I moved down south, where I never had to worry about a heating system again. I found a cheap home and I quickly moved in. I couldn’t believe that they only had window air conditioners in the house. Every room in the house had a window air conditioner. I wasn’t thrilled with this, but at least I had air conditioning. I talked to the owner and he said he wouldn’t do anything. I was stuck with it. I didn’t think about the fact that I was living in a cheap house, which meant there was probably a lot of crime, until I came home one afternoon. Every air conditioning unit in the house, had been taken out. I called the landlord again and he told me I should close the windows. I asked if he was going to replace the air conditioning units and he said that if I wanted air conditioning, I could do it. I had a two year lease, so I had central air conditioning installed. Not the smartest move I ever made, but I was very comfortable for the next two years.

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