I think our apartment could have killed us all.

My husband and I used to live in this old apartment house. The heating was just an old gas furnace that actually sat in the middle of the living area. I couldn’t believe they had it vented into air vents that led into a chimney that serviced the entire building. Even though we didn’t think it was a safe heating system, we stayed in that apartment for five years. When we had our sons, we knew we had to move soon, but it wasn’t soon enough. Our sons like coloring and we often smelled melting crayons, when our sons would put them in the air vents in the front of the old furnace. In spite of our scolding, they never really understood that eating crayons and putting them in the furnace was wrong. I worried that the fumes could be toxic, and I soon said something to my husband. When we said something to the landlord, he told us there wasn’t a problem with the furnace until we moved in. We soon found a home that we could purchase and we were able to leave the apartment and that lousy heating system behind. There is central HVAC in our new home. The air conditioning and furnace are fabulous and we no longer have to worry about our children playing with the furnace. I can only hope that whoever moved into that apartment, stays safe. I was beginning to worry that if we stayed in that apartment, someone could have been killed. I am glad that my boys remained safe, even though some of the odors came from them putting their toys in the furnace.

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