I really wanted a UV air purifier.

I used to think how nice it would be to stay home and just veg for a couple weeks. Now that the pandemic has hit, I am vegging every day. Unfortunately, I’m not enjoying staying in my home when I don’t have the option of going out. I am also not allowed to go to work and I am running out of money. This means that I need to pay the mortgage and household utilities. Anything else is put on the back burner. I did have the HVAC system maintained before all of this happened. I remembered that the air conditioning needed to be cleaned and serviced. I called the HVAC company and had them do this, right before the pandemic hit. I wanted to have a UV air purifier installed, but I never asked them. NOw, it is too late to have it installed. I would also need to decide if I wanted a UV air purifier or if I want to put food on my table. I called the HVAC company to see if they were having some kind of pandemic sale. They said they were offering a year of free air filters if I were to purchase a UV air purification system. I already have an air purifier installed into my home that has HEPA air filters. I just thought that the UV air purifier would be able to kill bacteria and virus germs that get into the home. Now I”m wishing I had it done back then. I will definitely have the UV air purifier installed as soon as I get out of the house.


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