I need to debunk some HVAC myths.

I don’t know if you believe the myths that go with HVAC, but I would like to give you a few suggestions.

It seems that a lot of people have the idea they don’t need to call the HVAC company for servicing if their furnace or air conditioner is running well.

This is probably one of the worst things you can do for your HVAC system. Although the air conditioner or furnace may be working well at the moment, it still needs servicing. There are different small components inside the HVAC equipment. If any one of those components should go bad, it could cause other parts of the HVAC equipment to function wrong. Only a professional HVAC technician can open up the furnace or air conditioner and inspect these components. During regular maintenance, they inspect the different components, clean them, and make any repairs that may not yet be causing a problem with your heating or air conditioning. Another misconception is that the air filter only needs to be changed once a year. The air filter is made to gather dust and debris to keep it from getting into the mechanics of the furnace and air conditioner. If the airflow is hindered, it is the ultimate death of the HvAC equipment. Air filters need to be changed once every one to three months. Some people feel that you should turn the air conditioning or heating off when you aren’t at home. If your aim is to save money on your energy bill by saving on energy, this is not the way to do it.

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