Unrealistic fitness goals causes stress and disappointment

Over the years, I’ve come to understand the need to set realistic fitness goals.

Having a task to achieve not only encourages me but holds me more responsible.

When there is a target to reach, I get determined and push myself further. I am more likely to ignore the temptation of fatigue. I’ve figured out that my goals need to be reasonable. I hope to promote hard work and success rather than add stress and disappointment to my life. Too high of goals simply set me up for certain failure. I sometimes get discouraged if I can’t keep up with the demands I’ve set for myself. When I was first out of college, I often required way too much of myself. By setting unrealistic expectations, I became unhappy with my progress and was tempted to quit. My workouts were no longer enjoyable and not as productive. I found it a challenge to get motivated when I felt so bad about myself. I have learned best practices in order to follow a healthy lifestyle. I understand that by devoting quality time in the gym everyday, I will gain strength, trim excess weight and age more gracefully. My problem was trying to thinking too much too fast. I became so concentrated on the goals I’d set for eating habits, schedule and exercise that I felt guilty if I did anything else. I was worried about everything I ate, found it impossible to relax and had difficulty sleeping soundly. I was so exhausted in the morning that I sometimes failed to get up on time. This resulted in further guilt and higher stress levels. Working out when I was over tired and putting such intense pressure on myself didn’t lead to achieving my goals. I finally came to the conclusion that I needed to set more reasonable plans and prioritize. Instead of focusing on shedding a certain number of pounds within a specific timeframe, I targeted improvements to my diet. I cut back on sugar. I started eating more fruits and vegetables. For my fitness regiment, I chose gradual increases in speed, stamina and strength. Achieving these smaller goals led to greater confidence and helped motivate me. I’ve stopped competing with other people and have set more realistic expectations for myself.


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