The a/c in the pizza place was rough

I took the family out to dinner in the summer.

The pizzeria was located a few miles out of the town.

The employees & fellow buyers were laid back. The pizza place was away from the noise. The fast-paced environment was a fun one. The weather was balmy with a slight wind blowing from the east. The terrace was full so it was necessary to be indoors. When I walked in, I felt a sudden rush of cold air. The a/c was really blowing heavily on me. I thought it had to do with the a/c. What else could be causing that heavy cold breeze on my head? I observed the same discomfort with my fiance & by the time we sat down, my son’s hands were cold & goosebumps were showing on his arms. The group of us sat & decided to dine as swiftly as possible & leave. In the meantime we asked the floor manager to turn down the a/c. The group of us assumed she did, but obviously she didn’t!! The food felt tasteless and all we could talk about was the cold. Suddenly, condensation drops were dripping from the vent directly above and it made the whole experience horrible. The intense ac was probably needed due to the many people, time of year and the layout of the pizza joint. I was not happy with the thermostat settings though. I bet nobody else in the parlor was happy either. They really should have set the a/c a little better.



Cooling specialist