Sneaking a/c settings in the fall

I have always enjoyed the fall! Gone are the days of horrible heat during the afternoon & the humid mornings of summer.

As a young kid, I never understood how seasons change or how the position of the earth affected the weather.

All I knew was that the rays of the sun would come through our window with a glow that for some reason would make me look forward to the afternoon coming. During the summers, I’d sneak out of bed to change the a/c control unit; knowing full well that our dad would grumble about it in the day & blame my mother for she had a tendency of feeling a bit chillier than most. My father never entirely caught onto me. My mother knew I did the sneaking & she took the wrath of dad. During the summers, our father would grumble whenever the Heating & A/C unit needed fixes upon which my mother would remind him that she hadn’t had it fixed the previous year. He’d complain that professionals were hard to come by, but my mother would pipe up that the weather never complained when Heating & A/C professionals were not as busy in early Spring or late fall. Currently, there’s not much sniping between the two of them. They live alone & have to agree on what the temperature for the Heating & A/C unit should be set at. Or if it should be left alone altogether as it is most of the fall. I’m sure our mother silently thanks me for the many times I snuck out to adjust the Heating & A/C temperatures.

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