Now that it’s legal, I want to try it

All of my friends love smoking recreational marijuana- and they have enjoyed it since long before legal pot was available in our state.

While I completely think nothing of recreational marijuana, before legal weed was an option, I never smoked it. I was too worried about getting in trouble to start smoking recreational marijuana (with my luck, I would have been arrested immediately). After legal marijuana became available, a number of recreational marijuana dispensaries near me opened up. My friends were so excited to go to a legal cannabis dispensary and took me with them the very first day of legal weed’s availability. The first time I smoked recreational marijuana, I didn’t feel anything. My friends told me that was normal and, the weekend after, took me back to the cannabis dispensary to try recreational weed again. This time, it was way different! After smoking recreational marijuana the second time, I felt completely relaxed and my mind wandered into places that usually felt fuzzy or out of reach. I loved laughing with my friends about silly stuff and smoking legal marijuana with them. I have to admit, I felt like I had been missing out after I got to experience the fun of recreational marijuana, but I know that if it wasn’t legal pot I would’ve been paranoid the entire time. I’m glad I waited to smoke recreational weed until after legal marijuana use became law, but I wish it should have been legalized way sooner. My friends and I enjoy recreational marijuana together just about every weekend now. If it’s legal where you are, I “highly” recommend it!


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