Getting dizzy due to the heat

In college, I was an all-around athlete.

I always kept myself in good shape.

My teammates enjoyed my physical prowess but opponents would grow aggravated as the games went on. It was a surprise when I got some fainting spells a month ago. I attributed it to the changing season. Last Monday, the dizziness came with full force. I woke up feeling sleepy & a shower didn’t help. After the day chores, I drove to my sibling’s modern home & somewhat felt better – even better after shooting the crap for a few minutes. In the background, I could hear the a/c turning in after the regulated intervals on the settings; although I never thought of it until I stepped outside & the heat struck again. In the car, I was good but got dizzy spells a few hours after getting home. I laid down although I started to sweat as soon as I got on the bed & I had to take off my shirt. A few hours later, I was choking under my own breath & felt suffocated. Next thing I knew, there were sounds all around me. I’d temporarily lost consciousness from the heat because the a/c was not blowing enough cold air. It was a period in time where I was not mentally there. Next I called an Heating & A/C professional to have it fixed when I was fighting the heat spells. My health & my life was saved by a working a/c unit. I needed the a/c tech right then and there. Who knew what could have happened next?

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