Foam roller is good to relieve sore muscles

I train with a personal fitness coach three times per week, and it’s made a big improvement in my level of fitness.

She encourages me to work a great deal harder than I ever would on my own.

While her sessions are exhausting, I am happy with the intense training regiment. While my personal trainer is exceptionally careful about incorporating a thorough warm up, cool down and sufficient stretching portion, I frequently end up rather sore and exhausted. The personal trainer suggested that I start implementing a foam roller. At first, I wasn’t sure it would supply much of a reward, but I’ve learned to trust the advice of our trainer. I’ve realized that a foam roller is a great way to relieve tightness in my muscles. It is a firm cylinder that promotes self-massage. It is designed to provide self-myofascial release through deep pressure applied to specific areas of the body. After a strenuous training session the foam roller exercises work to release muscular tension and prevent soreness. I put direct pressure on the muscles and tissues to stretch, massage and increase blood flow. The purpose of the foam roller is to lessen thickening, adhesion and tension of attachive tissue and muscle. With conscientious application of the foam roller, I’ve experienced less fatigue, faster recovery and have improved range of motion. I deal with a lot less pain and soreness. It’s so helpful in relaxing my muscles. I not only apply it after a vigorous workout with my personal trainer but also following a run or at the end of a stressful workday. The more I implement the exercises, the more my muscles react to them. I’ve gotten where I apply the foam roller every evening. I’ve steadily increased the length of time I use the roller. I devote anywhere from between ten to twenty minutes to it. I utilize the roller in short, slow rolls and follow these with longer and slower strokes over the full length of the muscle.



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