Can’t convince husband to eat healthy or exercise

I can’t talk my husband into working out.

Physical fitness is a priority in my life and always has been. After reaching retirement age, my husband and I bought a small cottage down south. My husband is no longer heading to work every morning. He isn’t shoveling snow, trimming trees or mowing a big lawn. He doesn’t have anything physical that he needs to do. My husband often sleeps until after eleven o’clock in the morning everyday. When he finally gets up, he devotes several hours to sitting on the front porch, drinking coffee, watching online news or looking up videos on the computer. My husband will often cook himself a burger on the grill for lunch and most often has a big steak for dinner. Right before bed, he likes to munch on cheese and crackers, potato chips or chocolate. He’s gained quite a bit of weight, and he’s begun to complain of some physical issues. Anytime my husband gets involved in anything physical, such as weeding the garden or washing the window, he has complaints with his back, shoulders, hips and knees. I keep telling him that his diminishing physical fitness is going to have severe consequences. At a minimum, he needs to take the time to stretch his muscles for a few minutes everyday. It can be as simple as circling his hands and feet, rotating his hips and touching his toes. I wish that he’d elevate his heart rate, sweat a bit and get himself breathing hard. I’ve suggested that he take a walk, go for a run or bike ride with me, but my husband constantly refuses. I’ve tried to convince him to sign up for a gym membership with me but he isn’t willing to do that either. I get up every morning at exactly seven o’clock and workout for at least sixty minutes. When we tackle a household task, I never get sore or tired. I can still wear the same pants I wore in college. I am worried that my husband’s quality of life is going to suffer and decline due to his lack of proper nutrition and fitness.

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