Adhering to New Year’s resolution to get fit

Every December 31st, I become determined to get in better physical shape.

I typically try the latest diet or exercise fad and then give up by the end of February. This year, I made a resolution to enroll and attend a local fitness center. I realized that I needed to make big and permanent changes to my regular habits. Getting myself to visit the gym regularly was difficult in the beginning. I felt intimidated by my weight and was unfamiliar with how to go about working out. Every person at the gym seemed to be in great shape and a fitness expert. I got over this awkwardness by outlining a plan of action before I even stepped inside the doors. I headed directly to the closest treadmill for every workout. While the other machines seemed scary and complicated, I knew I could manage to run on the treadmill. I saw that a lot of men and women were just walking for their workout while others were running at max speed the entire time. I reminded myself that I didn’t need to compete with anybody and to simply find my own pace. I gradually worked up more stamina and was able to increase speed and the length of the workout. This helped me to improve confidence. After awhile, I was prepared to try out the other equipment. I watched men and women to figure out how everything operated. I took a day to shop and purchase new and quality workout clothes and some good sneakers. Dressing right was not only great for my workout but gave me more confidence in myself. I began entering into friendly conversation with the workers at the front desk, and now they all greet me by name. This makes it more comfortable for me to visit the gym. I’m willing to ask them questions and get help and recommendations. Although I’ve become more familiar with the gym, I still determine a strategy for the workout before I arrive. I like to avoid wasting my time. I decide how long I’ll spend on the machines, how much time I’ll give to ab crunches and what I’ll do for cardio. This provides a more organized and effective workout, and I’ve seen some encouraging results.