We would love to have perfect HVAC

I hate it when I get junk mail.

It’s mostly a bunch of ‘junk’ and it usually goes right in the trash.. I have no idea what made me open this one particular piece of mail. I think some of it was because I entered this contest a while back. I was thinking I was going to win a butt load of cash and this piece of mail was announcing that I won $100,000 in the contest I entered. I really believed that I had won and I was mentally making plans for what I was going to do with the money. I planned on getting radiant floors, a UV air purification system and I was even thinking that I might get a new house with the money. I wanted a new car with a great climate control system and heated seats. When I realized that the mail was bogus and I didn’t really win $100,000, I was really upset. I decided to burn the stupid letter. I couldn’t understand how people can lie in the mail? I didn’t even think it should be legal for people to do this. I just don’t get it. I put so much thought into the radiant floors and the air purification system that I decided to go ahead and get them anyway. I knew I would be on some kind of payment plan, but I would also be able to benefit from some of the things that I was buying. I wasn’t going to be able to get a new house or a new car either. As long as I had the perfect climate control system, I would be really happy


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