We repaired our own HVAC system

Over the last couple of years, we have noticed that most of the HVAC companies overcharge for their services.

Because of that, if we are having problems with the furnace in our home, we do the work ourselves.

Our furnace is really getting old and we have replaced almost every part in the furnace. We thought that by replacing the parts, our furnace would begin to run like it was new. I knew that the HvAC company was only raising its rates to go along with the cost of the parts going up. When the thermostat wire broke and we had a bad pump, I found out that the HvAC company would charge almost $400. I was able to find a new pump and the wire, for less than $100. I didn’t mind letting the HVAC company do major repairs, but I thought this was going to be an easy fix. I followed all of the instructions on how to replace the pump. I was surprised that I was able to replace the pump so easily and quickly. The wire was also a piece of cake to replace. I wanted to call the HVAC company and tell them how well I did and how much I saved on repairing the furnace on my own. My wife wouldn’t allow me to make the call to the HvAC company. She was afraid that if we had a major breakdown, they would refuse to come out and fix the furnace. I had to agree that she may be right, but it felt good to be able to repair the furnace on my own.


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