We always dreamed about running a business, so we dove into the HVAC industry

When my brother and I were young, we always talked about doing big things in the future.

We wanted to own our own business and eventually take over the world. At least, that’s what we would imagine as youngsters. When we became older, we still wanted to own some type of business together and my brother suggested that we look into the HVAC industry. He said that there would always be a demand for heating and cooling system repairs as long as people had HVAC systems. And of course, who wouldn’t want to have an HVAC system? People complain all the time if the temperature control settings are off or the A/C system is broken. So we both decided to go for our HVAC certifications and we got a good amount of experience working for a few HVAC companies. We worked at different companies because we wanted to know how all of them worked and if there were any major differences we wanted to take note of. Eventually we felt we had saved enough money to invest in our own HVAC business start up and we dived in. It wasn’t very easy to get started, there was so much to do and take into consideration. Eventually we were able to get the ball rolling though and business was slow at first. When we learned how to advertise and got our website up, that’s when the business started rolling in. We are very happy that we have multiple stores in our state and eventually we want to expand to neighboring states.

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