It’s important to me to be prepared for emergency situations

We get so much rain in our area and I honestly can’t stand it.

  • I learned a long time ago that I needed to get a dehumidifier because of the intense humidity.

Also after dealing with a rather horrible rainstorm, I learned that we needed to have a backup generator to keep everything working when you absolutely need it. I guess I didn’t expect the power to be knocked out and our basement to flood, but that’s what it took for me to be prepared for the future. I had a really good backup generator installed that is hooked up to our HVAC system as well as our sump pump. We are also able to operate the lights in the house, but only those things because you can’t run everything off of a backup generator. It’s all about the essentials pretty much. I also have a bunch of 72-hour emergency food kits in case we can’t get out to pick up any food. We have a couple of barrels that are filled with treated water so that we have a little water supply as well. I have heard all kinds of stories about the water being contaminated after an awful storm and I honestly don’t want to have to deal with anything that serious. I want to be able to keep my family as comfortable as possible and alive. I honestly haven’t had to use the backup generator as of yet, but I have plenty of fuel to keep the thing going to power the heating or cooling system. I also have peace of mind knowing that our basement won’t flood again, unless the sump pump entirely fails.

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