I finally decided to tell my brother about HVAC system maintenance plans

The last few times I have gone to my brother’s home, I have not been very comfortable. His air quality has been lacking and even his temperature control settings are not very comfortable. Finally I asked him what was going on with his HVAC system and his air quality. He just said that he knew his HVAC system was struggling, but he couldn’t afford to have it fixed. I told him this was nonsense and asked if he knew about HVAC system maintenance plans. He actually told me he didn’t know anything about that and asked me to explain. I told him that all HVAC companies that were any good offered excellent HVAC system maintenance plans and he would save a ton of money to have everything covered with his HVAC system maintenance. I told him it was likely that he wouldn’t even have to pay right away to have his HVAC system fixed and working good again. With the regular HVAC system maintenance, he wouldn’t have to worry about the small problems becoming very costly fixes and he wouldn’t have to deal with the poor air quality any longer in his home. He brightened up and said that I should have told him about the HVAC system maintenance plans a long time ago. He’s right, I should have told him the first time I noticed his air quality was lacking. I guess it’s better late than never though, and at least now he is going to do something about the problem with his HVAC system. I can’t wait to come back and see the improvement.



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