I don’t mind washable air filters because they save you a ton of money

There was a time I was severely frustrated when I kept getting the air filters that you change every single month.

The air filters were entirely cheap too.

I honestly would have preferred to change them every 2 weeks because it seemed like they weren’t doing a good enough job. Eventually I learned about the importance of going for the higher quality air filters. I started using the air filters that could be changed every 3 months which was a nice change. I loved not having to worry about the air filters all the time and it gave me peace of mind knowing that my HVAC system was better protected with the high quality air filters. The thing is, I wished that I could just get some kind of air filter that I didn’t have to replace all the time. Even though it was nice not having to change the air filters as often, I wondered if there was an air filter that would last that I would not have to keep throwing away. Then somebody told me about washable air filters. This was very interesting to me. Sure, I would have to wash the air filters every single month, but at least I wouldn’t keep having to order new air filters. I felt like that was putting a hole in my pocket because air filters are expensive! So I ended up investing in a few washable air filters designed for my HVAC system. The air filters are great and they last a very long time. I honestly don’t mind having to wash them once per month because I know I’m saving a lot of money.


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