Fishing is more than a hobby, it’s my passion

I am not skilled in a lot of things.

My memory is failing and I’m not the greatest at being a handyman.

I don’t like plumbing but I can change out the pipes under the sinks in the house. I don’t think much about HVAC systems either, but I do know how to change the air filters and I am also able to clean the outdoor air conditioning unit every Springtime. I know it’s important to keep on top of things like that. If it is anything other than that, I don’t think twice about calling the HVAC professionals or plumbers to take care of any serious work. I am not one to get in over my head over things I know nothing about. If I wanted to work on heating and air conditioning systems, I would have gone to school to become an HVAC technician. If I wanted to work on plumbing for a living, I would have gone to school to become a plumber. I’m just a normal older man who loves fishing, which is why I work at a fishing shop. I sell fishing supplies and I even sell some fish bait like nightcrawlers. Other than working doing things around the house, there’s nothing I like more than being out on the water and fishing. I wish I could do something about the mosquitos or even be able to adjust the thermostat when it’s too cold or too hot. I just don’t have that technology on my fishing boat. If I had HVAC on my boat, you would never get me off the water, unless it was to eat.