I’ll be waiting forever for The Temperatures to Drop here in the South:

The fall season is incredibly frustrating for me.

Almost all of my family lives up north, while I’m living down south these days. At the end of October, our family is going to see pumpkin patches, apple orchards, plus they are getting out their flannels. They’re pretty much bracing themselves plus their Heating plus A/C machines for the cooler weather. On the other hand, I’m still wearing my summertime gear, plus running my cooling machine for the length of the day. My dad pretty much always calls plus reminds myself and others to have our Heating plus A/C machines maintained when he’s making his own Heating plus A/C machines appointment, but it’s hardly a reminder when I have to wait an additional 6 weeks before I can even think about turning off my air conditioning machine! I think I could have my Heating plus A/C machine maintained early plus get ahead of the rush, but it seems pretty useless to me. I associate my Heating plus A/C machine servicing with seasonal transition, plus that takes quite a bit longer when you live down south. I moved south for a work position after graduation, plus while I thought it would be rainbows plus butterflies, it’s proved to be more of a challenge than I was expecting… First plus foremost, I seriously miss my family plus friends. Secondly, I care about the high temperatures often, but not while in the fall plus Winter… When the warm season ends, I look forward to a little break in the temperature. It takes so much longer for the temperature to drop around here, plus I don’t really like it too much. In the meantime, I’ll scroll through social media plus see almost everyone having a good time with the cooler weather while I rest in my air conditioned residence plus wait for the temperature to go down.

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