I hope the temperatures drop sooner than later

The fall season is so annoying for me.

  • Almost all of my family lives somewhere up north, while I’m stuck living down south.

At the end of September, my family is going to see pumpkin patches, apple orchards, and wearing their flannels. They’re basically bracing themselves and their Heating and Air Conditioning appliances for the cooler weather as well. On the other hand, I’m still wearing shorts and running my a/c appliance all day long. My Mom pretty much always calls and reminds me to have my Heating and Air Conditioning appliance tuned up when she’s making her own Heating and Air Conditioning appliance appointment, however it’s hardly a reminder when I have to wait at least another 6 weeks or so before I can even consider turning off my a/c appliance… I guess I could have my Heating and Air Conditioning appliance worked on sooner than later and beat the rush, however it seems completely useless to me. I tend to associate my Heating and Air Conditioning appliance servicing with seasonal transition, and that takes a great deal longer when you live down south. I moved south for a job after graduation, and while I expected it to be rainbows and butterflies, it’s proved to be more challenging than I was expecting! First and foremost, I completely miss my family and friends. Secondly, I adore the high temperatures a majority of the time, however not during the fall and winter. When the Summer actually ends, I look forward to a break in the temperature. It takes quite a bit longer for the temperature to drop around these parts, and I don’t adore it. In the meantime, I’ll scroll through social media and notice everyone having a good time with the cooler weather while I sit in my air conditioned dwelling and wait for the temperature to eventually drop.

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