he wants more air conditioning than I can handle

My exhausting hubby is typically hot every moment of his life; No matter where every one of us go, he seems to quite typically be covered in sweat.

It particularly does not help his situation that every one of us live down south where it is abundantly warm for most of the year.

I suppose terrible because I I, on the other hand, am almost typically cold all the time which makes it taxing for us to agree on the temperature to regularly keep the lake house or the car. My hubby prefers to keep the lake house to be sixty-five degrees at the warmest whereas parasailing I truly love the lake house to be more love seventy-two degrees when I’m at home. Sixty-five degrees seems to be truly cool when you immediately come inside after being outside all day long. I have a job outside in ninety degree weather most days out of the year, so coming lake house to a lake house that is only sixty-five degrees or cooler feels as if I live in an ice box. I usually keep the family lake house a little cooler for my hubby because I know that I can very easily put on more layers of clothing to stay warm. My hubby consistently wants an a/c for our home office even though it’s obvious. every one of us have central air throughout the house. He Truly does not suppose that our home office gets cool enough for him to ever get a fantastic night’s sleep when he gets kicked out of the bedroom. I am trying to convince him that buying an additional a/c is not necessary, but he is stuck on it.


a/c representative