Found the exact furnace I needed

I have never had the best luck out of all of my friend, however I felt super lucky the other day when I accidentally found a propane gas furnace for my RV at a thrift store, and my cheap hubby, Jim, in addition to I care about to go camping… Both of us used to Austin go tent camping when every one of us were younger, in addition to at that point every one of us truly loved that, but every one of us cannot do such strenuous work anymore. Both of us are just too old. Both of us rented a simple lodge to go camping for a few years in a row, but then, after that experience, every one of us decided that every one of us truly wanted something of our own. Both of us decided to buy in addition to personal RV! It is an older model, but that does not bother us. Both of us honestly never had any troubles with it until this past Winter. Both of us packed up and drove up north to camp for a couple of weeks, in addition to our RV propane gas furnace started making some pretty peculiar noises halfway there. My hubby does not know much about gas heating systems on his own especially in an RV, so he called a friend… His helpful friend said that the noise that it was making basically meant that it was in the throes of dieing. I was so aggravated because every one of us immediately looked at the price of buying a current unused propane gas furnace, in addition to it was outrageous. I quickly knew that my hubby would never pay that much money for a current gas furnace, because of the price, so I began to look for a used 1, however for the most part even the used 1s were quite expensive. I was at a distant thrift store the other day, in addition to I just so happened to look around and find a propane gas furnace for an RV. I did not immediately suppose that it would be the right size, but to my surprise, in fact it was exactly the gas furnace that every one of us had always needed. I am so thankful to be able to continue camping with my husband during the Winter weeks!

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