Surprised by radiant heated flooring

My wife and I have a couple among our friends that we have been growing pretty close to! My wife and I are at their house all of the time, and we do things together all the time, so the level of trust between us has truly grown strong.

For instance, this week, my wife and I are house-sitting for them.

They have nobody else who can watch their home while they are gone on vacation, and they trust us enough to ask us to do it… It was the middle of winter, and their house was a bit closer to my office too! When we first walked in, my friend showed me where the thermostat was but didn’t tell me anything about the heating system or how to set it. Apparently, she thought I was capable of handling the programming of the thermostat on my own. When they left, it felt a bit cold for my tastes, so I walked over to the thermostat and changed the temperature. I waited to hear the heat start blowing out of the vents, but I didn’t hear anything. Then I noticed that there were no vents! It wasn’t until I started to believe the floor become truly warm that I realized that they had radiant heated flooring. They had decided not to use a heating system, which meant that all of their heat came up through the floor. It was a truly even heat, and I like it more than a heating system! Feeling the heat on my toes was great! I pulled a blanket onto the ground and just laid there as the radiant flooring heated up my entire body. I kind of hope that they never come back home!


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