Staying with my aunt

Last week, due to a late-night at my aunt’s house, I had to stay for the night! She had to leave early the next morning to go to work, so she told me to make myself at home, all she asked was that I locked the door whenever I decided to leave.

I have stayed the night before at my aunt’s house, so this was really normal for me! It was the middle of Summer, so right before I opted to go to bed, I adjusted the window cooling system component in her house. She had an older house, and she did not want to pay to have an HVAC specialist install a central cooling system, but window cooling systems were inexpensive, and they had a cooling system in the family room and the living room, which made these parts of the house very comfortable. The cooling system helped me sleep well, and my aunt was gone when I woke up the next day. I walked over to the window to turn the cooling system off when I noticed that there was a gap between the edge of the window and the cooling system. I figured that this couldn’t be good for rain or trapping the cold air in, so I tried to hold the cooling system while closing the window more… Unfortunately, when I did, I knocked the cooling system out of the window and onto the ground outside the house. I heard a loud crash, and I ran outside to check the cooling system. The HVAC component was completely broken, and it was all my fault! Now, I am going to have to buy a current cooling system for my aunt.

Air conditioning system