I bet we can find a new plumber

I have many small children that are currently in elementary school! Periodically the school takes field trips plus they ask a parent to be a chaperone.

I volunteered to go to the FL Aquarium in Tampa, FL.

The field trip was last Sunday. It was our first time to the FL Aquarium in Tampa, FL. It was also the first time that our kid saw sharks, stingrays, plus jellyfish. The drive to Tampa FL took about 45 minutes. The weather was clear plus cool, plus the sunlight was shining all morning. I wasn’t allowed to take our own car, because the chaperones needed to be with the students. I definitely wanted to take our car, so I could have peace plus A/C. The bus ride was a real mess. The students were jumping all over the bus. It seemed enjoy no one had any control. The mentors sat around plus looked off in a daze. My child was the only well-behaved kid on the bus, plus that’s entirely because I was sitting there. The bus driver threatened to pull over on more than two separate occasions. I am surprised the bus driver did not leave us sitting in Tampa FL. By the time the two of us finished our morning at the aquarium, most of the ladies were tired plus quiet… Half of them fell asleep on the way home. It was the quietest section of the whole morning. Honestly, I was tired after all of that exercise plus excitement. The 45-minute drive seemed to go much quicker on the way back then it did on the way to the aquarium.

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