Ductless multi split provides heating and cooling for winery

I have a wonderful job. Compared to most of my friends, I am especially fortunate. Most everyone reports to a traditional office setting Monday thru Friday. They are confined in a cubicle or sharing a large space with lots of coworkers for hours and hours. They focus on a screen and are stressed and rushed. I have responsibilities at work, but the environment is casual and very comfortable. I am employed by a small winery. We start by growing and picking the grapes. We stomp them to create juice and put the juice through the fermentation process. We then bottle and label the wine by hand. We pack them into cases and ship them to client. There is a half dozen of us and we manage every stage of the process from berry to table. The production area of the building is quite large and kept clean. For the sake of the fermentation, the end product and storage of the bottles, a cool indoor temperature is a priority. The winery is outfitted with a ductless multi split heating and cooling system. A single outdoor air compressor links to six separate indoor air handlers that are mounted up high on the walls. The ductless system provides both heating and cooling capacity. Each air handler is operated via an individual cordless remote. The building is maintained at 72 degrees at all times. During the summer months, stepping inside the facility is a relief. No matter how hot and humid the weather, the facility is wonderfully cool and comfortable. I simply bring a sweatshirt to wear while working. In the winter, it would be nice if the conditions were a bit warmer. When the outdoor temperature dips below zero, the ductless heat pumps struggle to keep the indoor temperature high enough. It’s ideal for the wine but a little cold for us workers. I add a sweater to my wardrobe and I’m warm. It’s nice that the ductless split system filters dust and other allergens out of the air and ensures healthy air quality.

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