Air conditioner in new car won’t start up

I never invest extra money for nice things.

  • I have five sisters, and growing up, there was no money for extras.

At a young age, I became determined to succeed. I made sure to get good grades throughout high school and earned a college scholarship. However, I was still forced to take out student loans. I graduated and got a job in my field at an entry level position. I don’t make much money yet and continue to struggle to pay my bills. With money so tight, I don’t treat myself to luxuries. I make sure to find the cheapest option possible. I am always searching for discounts, sales and rebates. I am super conscientious about how I set the temperature on the thermostat. I strive to make it through each year without having to use my credit card to cover expenses. I am especially frugal when it comes to larger purchases. I’ve always bought my vehicles from private sellers. I never had credit so everything had to be in cash. The cars are always old with high mileage! Just recently, I bought a newish vehicle through an actual car dealership. There were a couple problems. I drove the vehicle off the lot and it seemed good. Then I tried the air conditioning. I couldn’t get cool air from the vents. I fiddled around with the temperature setting, fan speed and switched between heating and cooling mode. There was hardly any air flowing from the vents and it was warm. I began to sweat and opened the windows. I finally turned around and drove right back to the vehicle dealership. I demanded that they repair the air conditioning at no cost.

Cooling technician