That space heater busted

Keeping our condo sizzling in the Winter is not an self-explanatory work.

The condo that I am living in right now is just temporary, but it is what I call lake beach house for now, so I try to keep it as comfortable as possible.

It is a basement apartment, & I hardly pay anything to live here, so it is actually pretty great. My property owner lives in the beach house above me, & he is undoubtedly awesome. She does everything that he can to ensure that I love living in his apartment, & I honestly love it. She literally asks myself and others every month if there is something that needs fixed in the apartment. Whenever there actually is something to fix, he gets it fixed as soon as possible. The only issue that I have with living here is heating. It is not self-explanatory to stay sizzling down here for some reason. I bought a space furnace last year to see if it would help keep our family room warmer at night, & it particularly did. It raises the temperature about fifteen degrees. I used it all last winter, & I was super excited to use it this winter, despite the fact that I broke it when I went to get it out of storage. I have storage bag that I keep our Winter things in when it is warm. I went to get our space furnace out, & I dropped it on the cement floor in the storage area. It dented it pretty bad, but the worst space was that oil started pouring out of it. I have never seen that much oil come out of a space furnace before. It was quite disappointing. I guess I will end up buying another one because it undoubtedly did help keep our family room much warmer.

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