Taking care of the lawn guys

I even left a tube of sunscreen in there just in case.

Since I have lived in the south for the past twenty years I have been able to adjust to the warm temperatures living out in the open country. I always start my days of farming early to avoid the high temperature, and I always carry an extra bottle of sunscreen with me. Whenever I am home I have a state of the art air conditioning unit that always keeps me cooled off. Even though I am used to the hot temperatures around here I know that other people don’t have as many resources as me. I decided that it would be a good idea to start helping out the people who take care of my property and the animals on my land. Even though I pay these people to come over for a few hours each day and do one specific job I wanted to make sure that they were staying cooled off and safe, especially during the miserable summer months. I went ahead and built an employee lounge on my property that had a brand new air conditioning unit along with a refrigerator that was fully stocked with drinks. It is available to my employees anytime they are on the clock, and they are allowed to take as many drinks as they need. I even left a tube of sunscreen in there just in case. It wasn’t a cheap addition to make to my property but I have already seen an improvement in work morale along with work efficiency. The men and women who work for me clearly appreciate the extra effort I went to keep them safe from the elements. I would have taken care of them either way, but the fact that it made them want to work even harder for me made it even more worthwhile.

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