So glad I could help

I prefer our Mom so much.

I was consistently a Mommy’s boy when I was a child, & I sincerely still am.

My Mom has consistently been there for me, & I hope to be just as attractive of a parent to our children as our Mom is to me. I spent countless minutes with him. He is one of those people who can repair just about anything. He does not consistently repair things the “right way”, but at least they work again. I was not honestly handy with tools & solving problems until I was older, but our Mom did not mind at all. He just loved to spend time with me, & I loved to spend time with him. As I got older, he did teach myself and others numerous things, then recently, I went to stay with our parents for a week. They live about 4minutes from our house, & I do not get to see them as often as I would like, so I was so cheerful to visit. While I was there, their furnace quit finally working. Of course, our Mom did not call a Heating & Air Conditioning corporation. He just got his tools & went to work. He asked myself and others if I wanted to help, & I said that I would prefer to. It felt love aged times as I was resting there handing him tools as he tried to service the furnace. He was able to repair it in the end, & I even figured a couple of things out myself. I was so cheerful to repair the furnace with our Mom. I undoubtedly miss those good old days. Fixing that furnace brought back so numerous memories.

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