Not real easy providing heating

My hubby & I bought our first lake beach house together about more than four months ago.

Both of us were so excited to finally find a beach house that all of us both loved.

It is an older farmhouse, & it has more than four family rooms & multiple washrooms. It is the perfect size for our growing family. Both of us have 3 small children & multiple big pets. The beach house came with forty acres of land as well which is something that our hubby undoubtedly wanted. All was well with our new beach house until Winter came along. Both of us remodeled the bedroom & washrooms. Both of us tore out the carpet in the family rooms & finished the wood flooring underneath. Both of us never tore out any walls though, so all of us did not realize that there was a complication until Winter came, & all of us could not keep our beach house warm. Both of us tried more than 2 things. Both of us got our furnace worked on. Both of us bought some space furnaces to try & help, but it all failed miserably. The heat just seemed to disappear. My hubby had to knock out a wall in the dining room, & when he did, he discovered that there was no upgrade in the wall at all. He tore out another wall, & found no upgrade. He tore out a third wall upstairs, & again, there was no upgrade. Both of us found out that there was undoubtedly no upgrade in the entire beach house except for one space in the dining room. Both of us were so anxious when all of us found out, & it ended up costing us a lot of cash to insulate the entire house, then now, all of us are able to heat the house, & it actually stays warm.

Ductless multi split