Looking for a condo to buy and checking the age of HVAC systems

It’s going to regulate the air you breathe in the space you reside in.

My parents have been living in the same house for decades. It’s the same four bedroom house in which they raised myself and my siblings. We had countless family dinners at that place, with several family reunions and even one wedding. The last thing my parents ever wanted to do was see that house go. But, with each successive year, it became increasingly harder for them to maintain that large house. Cleaning and basic maintenance on the ground level was hard enough as it was, but having a second floor and a basement below meant going up and down stairs on a daily basis to do anything. Even grabbing meat from the freezer became a physical chore for either one of them, let alone my mother who had hip surgery during this period. Eventually, the two realized they needed to downsize, so they set out to find a condo while listing their house for sale. I elected to help them find a new home and offered to do walk-ins outside of my work hours. This meant I could knock potential options of the list if something wouldn’t work right for one reason or another. By far, one of the most important factors in buying any size home is the age of the air conditioner. It’s going to regulate the air you breathe in the space you reside in. So, not only will the condition of that machine dictate the value and price of a dwelling, it will also determine the occupant’s health and comfort. I found many condos that were listed towards the high end on the market but had ancient air conditioners in them that smelled horrible and no doubt needed immediate replacing. This can easily be a $10,000 expense to add to the price of the condo itself. I have to be particularly vigilant while I look at potential condos to find one that has a recently replaced HVAC system.


Air conditioning worker