Freon & refrigerant leaks

So, what do you figure is the lifeblood of any Heating & Air Conditioning unit? What is it that has primarily responsible for the cooling down of the house? What substance makes the magic happen, so to speak? Well, it’s the refrigerant that transfers heat from the home & returns cool air.

This liquid is gold when it comes to a correctly functioning Heating & Air Conditioning unit.

The levels of refrigerant in your Heating & Air Conditioning device should not decrease, ideally. The amount stays constant, unless there’s a problem. As you may have guessed, that complication is correctly of leak of some sort. If there’s a hole in the refrigerant line, your in trouble. That’s because the Heating & Air Conditioning device will gradually lose its cooling power, & it will have to task harder to produce the same temperatures it was legitimately able to reach before, using less energy. If the refrigerant levels get too low, your not going to get any cooling power at all! Thankfully, at this point it’s not time to toss out your Heating & Air Conditioning device & get a current one, however refrigerant leaks are legitimately quite easy to repair. You need to call out a Heating & Air Conditioning serviceman to recharge the refrigerant & patch the hole. A refrigerant leak is one of the most usual reasons for troubles with your Heating & Air Conditioning unit, recognizably your air conditioning. If you suspect that your Heating & Air Conditioning device has a refrigerant leak because it’s lost its cooling capabilities over time, your genuinely right, & you genuinely need to call out a Heating & Air Conditioning serviceman instantly! Thankfully, you’re one repair call away from enjoying an air conditioning that has as relaxing as new!

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