Enjoying staying at home

Anyone who works a 9 to 5 task, or any task at all, can prefer 3-day weekends.

It’s that magical moment when your boss tells you do not have to come in on Thursday, or there’s a holiday on Sunday.

Now, to be honest, I am not all that concerned with the weather on a more than two-day weekend. I mean, I do love when the weather is nice so that I can go out & do things! But this past more than two day weekend for myself and others was divine, even though it was raining almost regularly! Some people just do not seem to be able to prefer chilling at home. They regularly want to get up & about, & that confuses me, because home should be the one place where you appreciate yourself the most! Maybe, they do not have as relaxing a weather conditions control system as I do. That’s right, I have a genuinely relaxing Heating & Air Conditioning device that I make sure is regularly in great condition. There are certain times of the year that I prefer it more than others, & I am loving it right now! Like I said, it’s cold & rainy outside, however our home couldn’t be any more warm or cozy. I have got the oil furnace set to a nice temperature, & although I do not genuinely need to, for the sake of atmosphere, I have got the fireplace going too! As a result, I do not have to set the control device to a legitimately high temperature. I am finally able to get a whole bunch of time to catch up on our number one book series, I have got a piping boiling cup of our absolute number one tea, & I am in bliss!

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