Breaking out the furnace

My hubby & I do not seem to have the best luck when it comes to furnaces.

Both of us have been together for about fifteen years now, & all of us have owned 3 houses together. Each beach house has had some type of furnace complications, & it is quite humorous to us now. I think it is not humorous that all of us are having furnace complications once again, but it is humorous how unlucky all of us are when it comes to furnaces. In the beach house that all of us are in now, all of us had trouble with our furnace about a year ago. It was not finally working respectfully, & the beach house was consistently chilly. Both of us had a Heating & Air Conditioning dealer that a buddy of ours works for come in & repair the furnace for us. It worked fine for the rest of that winter, but all of us went to turn it on this Winter season, & the furnace was not finally working once again. Both of us called the same Heating & Air Conditioning dealer that had fixed it last year, & they came to check out the issue. They basically told us that they could repair it temporarily, but it would not last more than a few months. They told us that all of us should just look into getting a new furnace. Both of us found a furnace that all of us thought was a good price, & all of us had the Heating & Air Conditioning dealer install it. While they were walking in with the furnace, one of the men tripped & fell. They dropped the furnace, & the corner of sidewalk punctured a hole in the side of the furnace. Thankfully, the dealer updated it for us. I undoubtedly hope that all of us do not have any more complications with our furnace.
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