A little too much a/c

Nothing drives me crazy more than when people overcompensate.

I get that it is human nature and nobody is perfect, but that doesn’t make it any better! You can take the office that I work at for a perfect example of overcompensating.

For the past two years the heated gas furnace that was responsible for keeping the entire office warm and comfortable was running extremely poorly. We would constantly ask the manager if he would finally address the problem and pay to have a new unit installed, but the requests were always put on hold. We were never told the specific reason as to what “on hold” meant, we all just assumed that was a polite way of saying no. Nothing changed until the manager was fired for reasons unexplained and a new manager was put in charge. Looking to win the favor of all of the employees who he was now in charge of, he decided to install a brand new heated gas furnace. This seemed like good news at the time, but once the heated gas furnace was installed it ended up being just as miserable as before we had heating! The unit that was now installed was clearly built to warm up buildings that were double or even triple the size of ours. Even with the heated furnace turned to a low setting the office was so warm and uncomfortable that it was hard to get anything done without feeling as if you were going to pass out from dehydration. I can’t knock the new manager for trying, but he really messed this opportunity up for himself.


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