The military helped me learn a valuable trade

When I was in my late teens, I had made the choice to join the military… I had consistently been someone who adored serving our charming country any way possible.

It was in my thinking that joining the military would be the best way to do this! I am not someone who enjoys war or anything similar to that! So do not get me wrong, I did not join the military in hopes of fighting and killing a ton of people… My joining the military had some fascinating things come out of it. The one thing is who I am nowadays, and what I do for a living. While I was in the military, they had some serious troubles with their heating and A/C equipment. Since I knew a little bit about Heating, Ventilation in addition to A/C equipment repair, I provided my help, though, there was another person there that knew even more than I did! And this was a pretty awesome experience for me! To make a long story short, this other person ended up getting me extremely interested in heating and cooling equipment repair. Every single time there was a problem with the central heating and a/c equipment in the military, he would allow me to come with him to service it… He would teach me everything about the complete aspect of Heating, Ventilation in addition to A/C equipment repair. Well, I eventually was let go from the military with honorable discharge, as I wanted to pursue a solid career path. And I’m sure you can figure out what that work happened to be…a certified heating and a/c equipment workman! I am unquestionably grateful to the military for this valuable trade, and I still prefer and support this country anyway I am able to!


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