The fees of training

A few years ago, I decided to purchase a gym membership.

I wanted to build my strength and stamina, and I didn’t have any room at house for workout equipment. I looked into multiple unusual fitness centers in the area, and I chose a small fitness gym that is open 24 hours a day. My hours can be abrupt sometimes, and there are days when I might work days. I wanted a fitness gym that would be open anytime. When I signed up 3 years ago, I thought the gym membership fees were kind of high. Since the gym was open 24 hours, I decided to pay the fees. The next year, my gym membership fees went up by 5%. The next year, the fees for my gym membership went up an additional 10%. Now I’m paying a hefty penny for my gym membership. The worst area of all is the new special that they offer incumbent members. They pay $10 a month for the first year. That’s a sixth of the cost that I pay, and I suppose that is incredibly unfair. I’ve been with the fitness center for 3 years, and I have paid on time every month. I suppose my membership fees should go down, instead of going up. My best friend belongs to an unusual fitness gym, and she keeps trying to get me to switch. If they raised the rates again next year, I’m going to end my membership and search for something else. In the meantime, it absolutely will not hurt to complain to the supervisor and see if that helps. Maybe they can get me a special rate or discount.

Personal Fitness Expert